We do KPI Dashboards.

Trackian gives you the ability to track the performance of all of your projects with ease.


How We Do It


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Connect data sources.


Exceptional data blending.


Save hours. Make more profit.

Specializing in data tracking and analysis, Trackian has found a solution that fixes the essential problem of data silos, and improves on existing options. It does it in several steps:


Data centralization.

Unify data through the process of data blending, which connects marketing platforms and extracts the data from them into a single view.


Enhanced reporting and data analysis.

Get actionable insights and alerts for important issues at a single glance.
Focus only on the data that matters.


Wider attribution and easier ROI measurement.

Cross-check customer behavior data with GA4 and sophisticated custom-made models, within a window of up to 90 days.


Exceptional campaign analysis.

Don't rely on in-platform when making important decisions. Analyze blended data and determine which campaigns perform and which don't. Dig into funnel performance and locate drop-offs in the customer journey.


Full visibility for the team.

A unified view over various data platforms for everyone on the team to be on the same page.


Macro-environment correlations.

Find out the positive or negative correlation of events like the weather and news with brand interest, product sales, and more by cross-relating data from individual channels, campaigns, and platforms.


Forecasting with finesse.

Stick to the plan or make adjustments based on custom time-specific goals and targets, with a bird’s-eye view over data.


A single view to monitor all the properties.

Identify at a moment’s notice which project, website, or domain needs attention.

Our story


By blending Tracking with Thracian, the concept of Trackian was born. Inspired by the brave Thracian tribes, Trackian embodies the spirit of decisive actions required for today’s digital warriors - the marketers - who have to be quick and precise in order to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Trackian is a software company aiming to meet the marketing needs of agency owners, advertisers, and online business owners to track data more effectively through centralized, insightful, and actionable dashboards.

Nowadays, businesses struggle with data centralization, data analysis and marketing attribution due to data silos that close off information from interacting with other data points. This hurts companies’ overall ability to perform at their best, preventing them from cutting costs everywhere they need to, and optimizing marketing strategies in a timely manner.